10 February 2011 The schedule is online.

7 March 2011 The deadline for grant application is over.

18 March 2011 The abstracts are online.

25 April 2011 The accomodation option pages is online.

12 May 2011 The transportation option page is online.

GAMES" -EPIT Spring School 2011


The spring school

The spring school is the 38th School in the series of "Ecole de Printemps d'Informatique Théorique" and is supported by the ESF project GAMES, the CNRS, GdR Informatique Mathématique andLaBRI.

The lectures

The spring school consists in nine lectures presenting important developments in language theory, automata, and games.

Abstracts and slides are available there and the schedule is there.

The lectures are intended to be accessible to a wide audience, but some familiarity with automata theory and logic is recommended.

Abstracts are available there and the schedule is there.

Dates and venue

The school will take place at end of May, Monday the 23rd to Friday the 27th, in France, near Bordeaux, in Carcans-Maubuisson. .
The accomodation is in the holiday center "Les Bruyères" which is there and here is some touristic information about Carcans-Maubuisson.



There are four different options to reach Carcans from Bordeaux on Sunday.
Please visit the transportation option webpage to choose your option.

In case you have to wait in Bordeaux, take this opportunity to vist the lovely quais (tramway C from railway station, stop "Place de la Bourse") and have dinner in quartier Saint-Pierre, around there

On Saturday, there will be at least two buses leaving on morning from Carcans-Maubuisson.
The first one will leave at about 08h45 and arrive at airport before 10h00 and railway station before 10h45.
The second bus will leave at about 10h00 and arrive at airport before 11h15 and railway station before 12h00.
In case you need a connection on Friday evening, or for any further information,please contact the organizers.

In case you want to travel on your own, you can check timetables of bus Keolis Line 710 called "Bordeaux - Carcans (via Ste Hélène)".
According to this website, there is a bus leaving Carcans on Friday evening at 18h45 and arriving at Bordeaux Railway Station at 20h35.


The lectures are scheduled as follows:






Abstracts are available there.

Participation and Registration

The GAMES-EPIT Spring School 2011 is primarily aimed at PhD students and young researchers, but more senior participants are also very welcome.

Participants are asked to pay a contribution of 350 Euro to cover accommodation, breakfasts, lunches, dinners and coffee breaks for the whole duration of the school.

Registration proceeds in two steps:
Pre-registration is accessibe through the CNRS registration webpage.
Please choose the "regular" tarification unless you obtained for a ESF grant.
When your pre-registration is validated, you will receive an email with the link enabling you to fully register to the conference. You will be asked to pay either by credit card, bon de commande, or bank transfer.



The school can offer about 20 grants covering the cost of the stay. There will be also a small number of grants for covering travel costs.

The applications for grants is now closed.


The school is supported by the following sponsors:


This school is organized by Hugo Gimbert and Igor Walukiewicz. For further information, please email: